• Moved the office for a week..

    Moved the office for a week..

    Currently, I'm in the process of producing David Newman's new record.  We camped out at Red Rock Recording studios for a week to do basics and a few overdubs.  Some serious talent on the gig... Bakithi Kumalo and Jamey Haddad from Paul Simon's band were on bass and percussion respectively.  Also we had Jo Lawry (Sting) joining us on BVs along with Michael Ward-Bergeman on Piano/Accordian and Hammond, Elden Kelly on fretless 11 string fretless/acoustic/electric guitars and Philippo Francini on acoustic/electric guitars.  Great week... awesome people, epic meals, bear siting, stayed in a huge 7 bedroom house, drank expensive wine, got reflexology and got to play cool old guitars.  

    For the next few weeks, we'll be cutting vocals, additional overdubs and putting this mix together here @ Undercarriage.  Sounds are great, thanks to Kent Heckman @ Red Rock.  





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