gear list



Digidesign Pro Tools HD Native 10.7 running on 2010 Mac Pro 6 core “Xeon” w/ full array of plug-ins

Ableton Live 9

Sony R500 DAT recorder

Otari MX-55 ¼” 2 track recorder

Teac 3340s ¼” 4 track recorder

Tascam 424 cassette 4 track recorder



Lynx Aurora 16 mastering converter

Dangerous Music Source



Focal Twin 6be on isoacoustics stands

JBL 4312s

Avantone Mixcubes

Realistic Minimus 7s

Hearback headphone system

Rane HC6 headphone amp


Mic Pres

(2) Hazelrigg Industries VLC-1 Tube mic pre/eqs

API 3124 4 channel mic pre

Chandler TG2 2 channel mic pre

(2) Seventh Circle N72 mic pres

(2) Seventh Circle A12 mic pres

(4) Seventh Circle T15 mic pres

Hazelrigg Industries custom built tube di (A-designs Reddi clone)



Chandler Germanium Tone Control eq

(2) Hazelrigg Industries VLC-1



(2) Daking Fet 2

Hazelrigg Industries custom built variable mu limiter (inspired by Fairchild 670)

Hazelrigg Industries custom built stereo opto compressor/limiter (inspired by Urei La-4)

TK Audio BC-1 (inspired by SSL G series buss compressor)

Urei 7110 compressor/limiter

Outboard FX

Roland Re150 Space Echo

Lexicon PCM 60 digital reverb

Lexicon PCM 41 digital delay



Lucas CS-1 tube condenser

Hazelrigg Industries custom built U47 w/ Beezneez capsule

(2) Hazelrigg Industries custom built C12 tube condensers w/ Beezneez capsules

(2) TNC C12 clones w/ TAB funkenwerk transformers and RCA NOS tubes

AKG 414eb P48 condenser

(2) Michael Joly modded Oktava Mc012s

(2) MJE K47H Capsules 

AEA R84 ribbon

Royer 121

2 TNC Royer clones

Sony PZM

Sennheiser 441

Beyerdynamic M-88

Beyerdynamic M-69


AKG D112

Audix D6

 (5) Shure SM 57s

(4) Shure SM 58s


Avid/Euphonix MC-Mix 8 channel control surface

Akai MPK 49 Midi Keyboard Controller



1973 Fender Stratocaster 

1974 Fender Telecaster

1991 Fender Stratocaster Ultra w/ Joe Barden pickups

1994 Fender Mexi Strat w/ gold foil “Ry Cooder” pickups

1985 Fender Squire Fugigen Strat

1990s Danelectro Baritone

2000s Danelectro electric 12 string

’77 Gibson Les Paul Special (Fralin hum-cancelling P90s)

1968 Kawai 4 pickup

1990 Alvarez-Yairi GY-1

1970s Epiphone dreadnought strung w/ Nashville tuning

Vintage steel body Dobro

2015 Gretsch resophonic

1972 Fender Precision bass w/ added J pickup

1975 Fender Precision bass

1994 Fender Precision bass MIM fretless

1994 Fender Musicmaster bass

early 1900s Tyrolian Upright bass

1978 Sho-Bud Super Pro pedal steel

1973 4 piece Ludwig Drum set (24” bass drum)

late ‘70s 5 piece Ludwig Drum set (20” bass drum)

1970s Fibes 22” bass drum

1950's WFL snare drum

1965 Ludwig snare

various percussion instruments


Thomas/Moog organ

Wurlitzer drum machine

Rhodes MK2 electric piano

Various soft-synths



1965 Fender Deluxe Reverb

1967 Fender Vibrolux

1970’s Fender Champ

1959/60 Oahu 413 (Supro 1624 circuit)

1967 Ampeg B-15n

Quilter Micropro 8 combo

2000 Walter Woods Electrocoustic

(2) Bag End D12s

Custom 112 cabinet w/ Jensen speaker


Effects Pedals

Strymon Timeline

EHX Superego

Digitech Whammy 5

Sarno Earth Drive

EHX Soul Food

Fulltone ‘68 (germanium fuzz face)

Fulltone Soul Bender fuzz

Z-Vex Fuzz Factory

Demeter Compulator

Pigtronix Infinity looper

Cusak Tap-a-whirl tremolo

MXR Phase 90 '74 reissue

Soundblox Pro bass distortion

Morley Volume/Boost

(2) Sansamp classics

DOD overdrive/preamp

Pro Co Vintage Rat

Vox wha wha

Heil Talk Box

(2) Ernie Ball volume pedals

Ernie Ball stereo volume pedal